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Sackville Rivers Association presents Certificate of Appreciation to Townsend Lynch Country Estates Limited for donating wetland of over 100 hectares to the Municipality of East Hants

Walter Regan presenting certificate
Text of presentation speech:

Good Evening
My name is Walter N. Regan, President of the Sackville Rivers Association.
The Sackville Rivers Association is a not for profit volunteer based  community group concerned with the health of the Sackville River Watershed.
The Sackville River is an important canoeing, fishing and tourism river with over 13 species of fish including wild Atlantic Salmon and Speckled Brook Trout.
Unfortunately, there has been too much development close to its banks, especially downstream in the communities of Sackville and Bedford.
Walter Regan presenting the certificate to Cyril McDonald, MEH District 13 Councillor of Mount Uniacke/ Lake Lands who is receiving it on behalf of Townsend Lynch Country Estates Limited.
The Sackville Rivers Association's mandate is to:
1) Protect and where necessary restore the environment of the Sackville River Watershed,
2) Raise awareness about the environment of the Sackville River Watershed and its adjacent watersheds,
3) Establish a Conservation Corridor along the length of the Sackville River, (which probably is the single-most important measure to take in protecting the river environment), and
4) Provide assistance in other watersheds, when needed, to restore river environments, raise environmental awareness, and provide training and advice to local community groups.
Presentation posterWe are here tonight to present a Certificate of Appreciation to Townsend Lynch Country Estates Limited for donating, to the Municipality of East Hants, an important wetland of over 100 hectares (249 acres).

This wetland protects the Watershed of the Sackville River by providing increased water storage in times of flooding, maintaining groundwater recharge, filtering and providing clean water to the river, conserving important wetland flora and fauna. It will serve as an important natural buffer to the river, and being especially significant due to its location at the headwaters of the Sackville River.
The donation also includes land that is suitable for public recreational use as a passive park, with walking trails and interpretive panels to enable visitors to enjoy and experience our Natural Heritage. Most importantly to the Sackville Rivers Association, this donation is invaluable as an opportunity to increase public understanding and appreciation of the importance of conservation measures aimed at maintaining the environmental quality of the Sackville River.
With wetland loss occurring more and more, it is especially important to protect and save all wetlands. With this huge wetland in public ownership it will be protected in perpetuity.
This donation is an excellent case in point of leadership by example, which we hope will encourage support on the parts of other land owners, developers, the Municipality and to the Public generally for the protection of Environmentally Sensitive Lands and waters.
Townsend presentation
I note the Townsend Lynch donation is the second instance in which the Municipality of East Hants has accepted conservation lands adjacent to the Sackville River as part of the Open Space contribution required by its subdivision by-law.
I therefore wish to thank the Warden, Councillors and Staff of the Municipality of East Hants for accepting these lands for public open space use by the residents. The Sackville Rivers Association will be very pleased to partner with the Municipality in their protection and management.
Again I wish to thank Townsend Lynch Country Estates Limited for this important and significant donation.
The Municipality of East Hants presents Townsend Lynch Country Estates Limited Developments an award for a subdivision design that included placing 249 acres of important wetland habitat in public ownership.
Walter N. Regan
Sackville Rivers Association
12 Feb. 2013