HRTA is…..

An organization of community-based volunteers who assist and support community trail groups to develop, build, maintain, and promote a system of interconnecting Active Transportation and other trails in HRM.


In 1997, the Halifax Regional Development Agency commissioned the Regional Trails Report and five community groups began construction in 1998 according to the community development model. In 2000, HRM council agreed to adopt the community development model for all trail building and the number of groups increased to the present amount listed in this publication.

From St. Margarets Bay on the West to Musquodoboit Harbour on the East, the existing, planned, and concept trails cover all kinds of recreational experiences from wilderness, backcountry, rails to trails, and suburban and urban trails. Halifax Regional Trails Association (HRTA) meets monthly at locations hosted by different trail groups in HRM.  A hike is usually planned before the meeting. Members are supported by HRM Real Property Planning Staff.

Halifax Regional Trails Association Goals:

  1. Develop Regional Strategy to link an integrated network.
  2. Lobby for adequate trail legislation ie. Trails Act.
  3. Maintenance Committee – Goal of permanent sustainable maintenance plan.
    with an ultimate goal to deliver safe, quality trails.
  4. Sustainable Capital and Operational Funding Committee
    with an ultimate goal to support an integrated trail system.
  5. Develop a strategy to raise awareness of the multi faceted benefits of a regional
    Trail System in HRM. With an ultimate goal to provide healthy, active communities.
  6. Develop a Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Strategy.

Members of HRTA

HRTA membership represents trail groups within HRM who share  common goals of trail development. Any group wishing to become a member must comply with the ‘objects of the Society’ of HRTA.  HRTA is committed to a cooperative effort to maximize the realization of such goals.

To be members, the trail organizations represented must:
  • have legitimate community support
  • have trail development as one of its mandates and core goals
  • be developing trails in HRM
  • be a registered society under the Societies Act
  • be members in good standing of Nova Scotia Trails
  • Acceptance of an application for membership requires a yes vote of at least 75% of all members