2019/20 Documents for Active Transportation Trails funding submissions

Capital Funding for AT Greenways

2019-2020 AT Greenways Capital Funding Guidelines, Evaluation and Proposal

Re-Capitalization Funding  for AT Greenways

2019-2020 AT Greenways Re- Capitalization Funding Guidelines, Evaluation and Proposal

Maintenance Funding for AT Greenways

2019-2020 Operations and Maintenance Guidelines, Evaluation and Funding 2019-2020 Maintenance Budget

2019-2020 Maintenance Budget Report

2019/20 Documents for Recreational Trail Funding

This is a new program from HRM Parks and Recreation.  Use the following document to submit all recreational trail funding requests. 

Recreational Trails Funding

2019-2020 Recreational trails Funding Guidelines and Application

If you have any questions on recreational trail funding please contact Kaarin Tae – 

2018 /19 Documents

HRM Construction Standards (Jan 2018) the “Red Book”

Link to HRM website page

Annual General Meeting 2018

Funding Agreement Templates 2018. Note that the templates will be customized for and signed by individual trail groups.

Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition documents

2019/20 HRM Funding submission forms

Recreational Trails Funding Documents

Capital and Recapital submission forms 2018/19

2017 /18 Documents

2017 AGM Documents

2016 /17 Documents

General Documents

pdf icon 2013 counter report
pdf icon 0. HRM HRTA BEST PRACTICES  JUNE 13.pdf
pdf icon 1. April 2008 Council Report -Trails.pdf
MS Word icon 2a. HRTA Executive TOR.doc
MS Word icon 2b. HRTA CFC TOR.doc
MS Word icon 2c. HRTA MFC TOR.doc
MS Word icon 2d. HRTA Events Promotions TOR.doc
pdf icon 4.  HRM Best Practices Halifax Regional Trails Program.pdf
MS Word icon 5. Capital Recapitalization Invoice Submission Halifax Regional Trails Program.doc
pdf icon 9a. Western- Main Templates.pdf
pdf icon 9b. Central Main Templates.pdf 
pdf icon 9c. Eastern Main Template.pdf 
 10. Special Case Criteria.doc
pdf icon 11. HRM HRTA DRAFT MOU.pdf
MS Word icon 12. RFP template 2012.docx
pdf icon Provincial Trail Maintenance Funding application
pdf icon Photography permission form.pdf 
Folder icon Trail Camp 2013 presentations 
MS Word icon 1516 Capital Agreement v5.doc
MS Word icon 1516 Maintenance Agreement June 4- V3.doc
pdf icon Assessment of New Meeting Schedule for 2016 in regard to By-laws
xls icon 16 17 Maintenance Request Summary
MS Word icon Staff Report October 2015
MS Word icon Maintenance Report October 2015

2015 – 2016 Documents